What Does “DAN” Mean in Indonesian?


WHAT DOES dan mean

What does DAN mean? Definitely, when you hear Indonesians speak, this word may appear so often and make you wonder what is the hell it means? Why is it so often used?

The answer is easy because it is a conjunction which combine two equal sentences. It has the same function as a word “AND” in English. Accidentally, the three letters form those two words are the same “A”, “N”, and “D”. Only their positions are different in both words.

You may guess that the Indonesian’s “DAN” came from English’s “AND” but let’s forget the etymology since it takes too much time to learn.

In short, DAN = AND.

To use this word is just simply follow what you have been taught about AND. It’s the same. For example, please see the below :

  • Saya mau makan nasi (I want to eat rice)
  • Kamu mau makan nasi (You want to eat rice)

You can make it short and make it into one sentence using DAN. The same elemnts should not be repeated, in this case “mau makan nasi“, you can mention one time.

  • Saya DAN kamu mau makan nasi (I and you mau makan nasi)

It is also fine, if you put the subject of the second sentence at the beginning of the sentence.

  • Kamu dan saya mau makan nasi (You and I mau makan nasi)

DAN can be used to combined any parts of two sentences, subject, object, or adverb. You can see the below examples :

  • Kamu pergi ke pasar DAN kantor (You go to the market and office) – object
  • Dia menulis DAN membaca buku (She/he writes and read a book) – verb

That’s what DAN means and its function in Indonesian.

So, whenever you hear or read something using DAN, as a practive just try to make two sentences, two similar ones with the difference a word before and after DAN.


  • Ia dan adiknya senang bermain bola (His/her brother and she/he like playing football)

To understand the meaning, if you are still not accustomed, just make these two sentence

  • She/he likes playing football
  • Her/his brother likes playing football

There is no tense in Indonesian. Just make as it is.

I hope it is useful to learn Indonesian.