Trans Bajaj refers to one new type of public transportation in Indonesia Capital, Jakarta. It was said newly because it became operative only in 2017.

The idea behind the creation of this vehicle was simply to replace the famous three wheeler, old Bajaj. The latter has been operation on Jakarta’s road for more than 40 years. The Indonesia’s Capital government has thought that the three wheeler seems no longer suitable for a big city like Jakarta.

Bajaj in Indonesia A
Bajaj in Jakarta

It’s not only because Bajaj doesn’t provide convenient transport for its passengers but also because of the attitude of the driver who tends to be reckless on the road that made this transportation is considered as the “King of the Road”. It’s very seldom to see them obey the traffic signs.

Therefore, Trans Bajaj comes into the world with a mission to substitue the old Bajaj.

Physically, there are many difference between both vehicle. The old one has only three wheel and the driver rides its vehicle like riding a motorcycle. The old Bajaj can be said as a motorcycle inside a cabin.

The new one, Trans Bajaj is definitely a different vehicle. It’s simply a car, a mini one. The driver will drive his vehicle the same way people drive a car. It uses steering wheel not a motorcycle handle. It has four wheels instead of three.

Trans Bajaj The Heir of Indonesian King of the Road B
Trans Bajaj on the road

The similarity of both vehicle can still be seen on several elements, such as the capacity of their machine which is only 220 CC. Most of Bajaj is now painted in blue, and so is Trans Bajaj.

The capacity of Trans Bajaj is a bit more as it can carry upto 4 passengers compared to normal 3 passengers on Bajaj (but sometimes, Bajaj carries upto 5-6 persons). One of the passengers can seat next to the driver in Trans Bajaj but there is no seat in old Bajaj.

Trans Bajaj The Heir of Indonesian King of the Road A

Among those similarity, there is one thing that makes Trans Bajaj can be nicknamed the neext King of The Road in Jakarta. It refers not to physical things of the vehicle but to the attitude while they are on the road.

Having seen, Trans Bajaj on the road, the driver manners seems indifferently from their predecessor. Their recklessness still appears. They often drive against traffic flows, their ignorance to traffic light or signs, and many other things old Bajaj did, Trans Bajaj do as well.

Therefore, I think it is safe to say that the newly born Trans Bajaj is the prince who will later be crowned as the new King of Jakarta’s road considering their attitude.

The liability of this should be put to the fact that most of Trans Bajaj drivers were owner or drivers of old Bajaj. They may change their vehicles with more modern one but deeply inside, the soul is still careless Bajaj driver.

I believe it was not expected by the policy maker when they launched this new transportation. Something that everybody hopes to change in time.