Traditional Knife Sharpener : Call Him When Your Knife Is Blunt


Traditional Knife Sharpener

What do you do when your knife becomes blunt and not sharp enough to cut meat or vegetables? Dispose it and buy new ones? Well, not in Indonesia, especially common people, they won’t just throw away this important kitchen utensil.

It can cost you quite a lot. Besides, dull knife can be repaired and it costs only 20-30 cents per piece of dull knife.

In many places in Indonesia, people will call a knife sharpener. Yes, it’s not the name of a machine or tool, this is a profession, a traditional one.

Indonesian Traditional Knife Sharpener

A knife sharpener refers to a person whose job is providing a service to sharpen knives. They travels from one place to another to find anyone who has a problem with cutting utensils or anything that has a blade to cut.

This person shoulder their working equipment, like stone grinder to hone knives.

For their service, they get paid which is around 20-30 cents US Dollars or around 3000-5000 IDR.

They also offer any repair related to knives or cutting tools but may become a knife seller as they bring also some knives who can be bought.

 Traditional Knife Sharpener 2

Even though, nowadays, more and more people easily put their dull knives into trash bin but still many who prefer to wait a knife sharpener to come by.