Durian or duren, a porcupine like and stinging tropical fruit, is one of the most popular and favorite fruit among Indonesians. Yet, Western people has found it difficult to accept due to the strong smell spread when the skin is opened. The fondness of Indonesian to this fruit is represented that the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, has unofficial nickname as The Big Durian.

The King of Fruit is another label attached to this barbed fruit.

Every year, when “durian” season comes, then many Indonesian will immediately make a post in their shopping budget, sometimes quite a large chunk, for durian hunting. The durian maniac never doubt to spend lots of money just to be able to get what they want. They sometimes even have made a plan about where to find the best durian.

And, where do you think the favorite places to buy durian? Supermarket? Hypermart? Or, fruit stores? Which one is the place where Indonesians usually hunt durians?


Yes, some prefer the simplicity and comfort of modern stores but definitely, those type of place are not the one.

The answer is, as seen in the below photo.

The Favorite Place To Buy And Eat Durian - On The Spot 3
Durian Kiosk in Bogor City

Yes, those kind of the street kiosks are the most preferable places to hunt durians. Not the shopping malls.

The Favorite Place To Buy And Eat Durian - On The Spot 4
Durian Kiosk in Lampung, Sumatera Island

It’s common in Indonesia, during the durian season, suddenly all over places temporary kiosks emerges. Mostly, the place used for it is roadside, especially on the crowded road.

It can be a simple kiosks using bamboo as the materials or recently sellers uses a pick up truck often utilize their vehicle as temporary kiosks.

The durians sold often comes not from local cultivation but from other places, like in my city, Bogor, most of durians come from Sumatera or Central Java. My hometown has no longer had enough land to for farming or field.

Durian lovers prefers to come to those kind of kiosks than going to supermarket and buy peeled durian.

There are several reasons, most of durians sell on the kiosks are Indonesian local durian. This is different from the type of durians sold in modern store which is more occupied by imported duriang from Thailand.

The taste is different and the local durian is more tasty for them.

And, the next question is where is the favorite place to eat the bought durian? Home?


Yes, for sure some of the durian buyers bring some to home and enjoy with their family but home seems never been the most favorite place to eat the King of Fruit.

The most favorite place is “ON THE SPOT”.

The Favorite Place To Buy And Eat Durian - On The Spot 7

After choosing the durian, the buyer tends to immediately ask the seller to peel the fruit and start to eat. It doesn’t matter if the seller doesn’t provide chairs or any places, many often just start eating by squatting on street side. Place is less important. Durian maniacs also don’t care too much about time of eating, in the middle of day of night, they can start enjoying the fruit.

The Favorite Place To Buy And Eat Durian - On The Spot 6

They will do this until their stomach is full or feel satisfied. Perhaps, they will bring few to home but sometimes not.

The reasons? Difficult to know but some maniacs say that there is more excitement when eating durian is done on the spot. But, few others reason that this is done to avoid cheating seller that sells bad durian. Also, some mentions that even though they like durian but they don’t want to have their house full of strong odor of durian.

So, those are the favorite place to buy and eat durians in Indonesia. No data and just based on habit observation, living in a country with full of durian lovers.

How about you? Do you like durian? Have you ever tasted this King of Fruit of Indonesian?