Have you ever imagined about a fight between a shark vs Crocodile? I haven’t. It is difficult to even think that about such a fight as it may not ever happen in reality. A shark lives in the sea and crocodile has a territory in land waters, such as rivers or lake. So, to have both of them meet and then try to kill each other is quite difficult to imagine.

I know that there is also salt water alligators but never heard that they ever happen to get caught in a fight with their colleague in predator world, shark.

However, if you come to Surabaya City, East Java Province, you may often see the shark vs crocodile fight often.

At least, in the form of monument/statue.

Shark Vs Crocodile - The Icon of Surabaya City 2
Photo Credit 123rf.com

The biggest one can be found near the main entry gate of Surabaya Zoo. However, you may find it everywhere in the city quite easily.

It is because the fight of a shark and crocodile is the icon of the city. Besides, the most popular belief among Surabaya is that the name of their city comes from both animals.

Sura means a shark and baya is a crocodile.

In the legend, it was said that the fight between two water carnivores occurred because the shark, Sura, who lives in the ocean trespassing the Baya’s territory, the inland water and tried to claim it. The fight happened for quite long periods and the final result, Sura returned to ocean.

The people of Surabaya in the past dazzled by the passion, the courage of both rulers of waters decided to name the area where they lived by the name of both, Sura + Baya. Then, it’s what people believes about the origin of Surabaya.

So, you may find the shark vs crocodile fight in many places of Surabaya City.