Mobile Vegetables Seller - Housewives' Most Waited Man

Who is the most waited man ? The answer, for sure, varies. Many may say Keanu Reeves or Tom Cruise. Some other may refer to husband or wives or kids. Others could mention boyfriends or girlfriends.

However, in the world of many Indonesian housewives, the answer can be shocking. They may point to a person who doesn’t have a close relation to them. A stranger. Usually, he is not handsome or cute nor attractive. Few may but the majority are not.

He is the mobile vegetables sellers or peddlers.

It refers to a profession instead of a specific person.

A vegetable peddler is a term given to a traditional informal job given to someone who sells vegetables using a cart made from wood with bicycle or becak‘s wheel. The guy will travel from one place to another offering their merchandise, that is daily food like vegetables, sometimes with salted or fresh fishes or many other materials used for daily food.

Indonesian traditional vegetables peddler

The profession has been known by Indonesian since centuries ago. They used to shoulder vegetables from one village to another. However, currently, the yoke has been replaced by a simple cart often made by themselves.

And, they are one of the most waited man by many housewives in Indonesia. Not Keanu Reeves or Tom Cruise. Well, for sure the names are also favorite of women here but most housewives will immediately leave them if they hear the sound of the vegetables seller. Definitely.

Overlooking to meet this type of guy may disappoint many women. It means they have to go to market or supermarket which means spending more time on the roads. This is not expected considering the endless works that they have as housewives. Moreover, it can cause them missing their favorite soap operas.