Indonesian Street (Rujak) Fruit Salad Seller


Indonesian (Rujak) Street Fruit Salad Seller

If you walk down streets in any cities in Indonesia, you may meet a guy pushing or standing next to a cart with a display window full of peeled fruit, like shown in the above picture. Then, you may guest that they sell ready to eat fruit. A guest which is not wrong but not 100% correct.

Likely, the guy you meet is a street “RUJAK” seller.

What is “RUJAK”? Many Indonesian-English dictionary translate this word as “fruit salad”. However, I beg to be different. I really don’t think rujak can be said as salad at all. It’s quite different.

Yes, of course rujak is similar in the term that both term uses the mixture of various sliced fruit. But, fruit salad uses mayonnaise for its dressing meantime rujak uses dressing from palm sugar, coconut, and chili. It’s tangy and spicy.

Besides, fruid salad is mostly eaten as an appetizer but nobody eats rujak before they eat the main course. Indonesian eat rujak as desert or snack.

Indonesian (Rujak) Street Fruit Salad Seller 2
Photo credit : Cookpad

Anyway, Indonesian gets rujak in several ways, buying from rujak stalls (stationed seller), making by their own, or from this street rujak seller.

The last one is the number one source because it gets difficult to find rujak kiosk, especially in big and modern city. Besides, event though this profession has been among Indonesian society since long time ago, it utilizes a modern sales system by being close to buyers.

Majority of street rujak seller uses those kind of a chart that enable them to reach many people who are too lazy to go out from their home. They crawl streets and do door to door sales. Sometimes, they will stay whereever there is crowd.

There are two options if you buy from this type of street rujak seller. Eating it on the spot which means you have to be willing to sit everywhere near the seller. He serves you rujak in a plate and you should return the plate after you finish.

Or, you can ask for take away, he will wrap slices of fruits for you and separate the dressing that you can mix it after you arrive at home or whereever you want.

If you don’t like the dressing, because it’s spicy, you can just buy the fruit. It’s usually fresh.

So, do you want to try?


  1. I think it’s better we call it as Indonesian Original Salad 🙂

    • I prefer to call it just as Rujak.. then let’s everybody in the world know this word