Boboko Logor - The Art of Traditional Bamboo Rice Basket

Boboko is a term used for Sundanese referring to a traditional bamboo rice basket used in past society. After rice is cooked, it is moved to a boboko to be served on dining table. Indonesian term for the same utensil is “Bakul”.

Nowadays, the traditional rice basket has no longer popular among modern Indonesians. However, in some restaurants, we may still find rice served using the basket to give old Indonesia way of living to visitors but in daily life, boboko or bakul part in eating habit has no longer played major part. It has been replaced mostly by stainless or plastic rice basket.

Boboko Logor, which can be freely interpretated in English as upside down rice basket, still relates to the usage of the traditional rice basket. However, it doesn’t represent its actual function. It is a type of arts, or costume invented by Sundanese artist.

The idea is to keep Indonesians, especially Sundanese not to forget the past way of life. The arts has also a profound philosophy about the riches should always share their fortune to the poor ones. The upside down boboko will never be useful as a place of cooked rice and it will be empty, which is the analogy for unlucky poor people.

Boboko Logor - The Art of Traditional Bamboo Rice Basket 2

The creator of Boboko Logor, the Art of Giant Traditional Rice Basket is EDAS Production). They are known for their consistent efforts to revive and present traditional old way of Sundanese life in more “modern” form. Most of their creation, EDAS studio uses many of traditional daily life tools as the core.

Many of their creations, including the Boboko Logor has become a winner of art competition in various cities.

Boboko Logor - The Art of Traditional Bamboo Rice Basket 3

Should you wish to see Boboko Logor perform, then you should go to a city or place where Sundanese is the majority, like West Java Province. However, you can also see them directly on streets (yes, correct on street), just come to my hometown, Bogor City.

Boboko Logor has never been absent to perform during Cap Go Meh (Lantern Fetsival) Bogor Street Festival. Every year, they will perform and show what the traditional rice basket can do beside as the place for rice. The festival is usually held on the 15th day of Imlek, Chinese Lunar New Year.