Being A Ghost Is One Way To Earn A Living


Being A Ghost Is One Way To Earn A Living

How much should we pay a “ghost”? Not really sure. I don’t think there is a minimum wage rule in ghost world.

What I know is that some small change or coins are what a “ghost” expected if there is anyone who wants to take a picture with “him”? Or “her”?

I don’t either know when that by being a scary creature becomes a way to earn living in Indonesia. I believe many, many years ago because I watched scary movie, even when I was a kid.

Nowadays, it seems it has become quite common to see fake “ghosts” on street, especially on car free day or festival. Understandable as it’s much better than just doing nothing and get nothing.

Like or not, there are many Indonesians struggling in their life.

I do really hope that someday, the “ghost” salary can raise that they can also live properly and stop frightening people.